Pickup and Delivery Services

Pickup and Delivery Services in Dubai

We provide pickup and delivery services all over the UAE. Our company is a well reputed pickup and delivery service company in Dubai. These services are for those who send something from one place to another or need to bring something back to them. Hence, we do this for them, pick up their item or parcel from somewhere and bring it to them. On the other hand, if customers need to send something anywhere, we can take it from the customer and deliver it to their desired location.

Furthermore, our quick delivery services are available for businesses and individuals all over Dubai and the UAE. Furthermore, we offer all kinds of parcel delivery services. You can stay at home or work, and we can deliver for you anywhere.

Pickup and Delivery
Pickup and Delivery

Quick Pickup and Delivery

M B M Delivery Services Company also provides quick pickup and delivery services. Our professional staff performs this task efficiently. You can contact our customer service staff just by calling us, sending an email, or sending a WhatsApp message. Moreover, we arrange a pick up in the least possible time, usually less than 30 minutes. Furthermore, we provide express pickup and delivery services within Dubai. Our biker or driver can reach within 30 minutes anywhere in Dubai. They pick up the parcel from you and deliver it within an hour, anywhere in Dubai.

Our staff will ask about the pick-up point and product or parcel details and get confirmation from the customer. After receiving confirmation from the customer, our representative contacts a suitable delivery boy. If the parcel is smaller in size, we arrange bike delivery. On the other hand, if the parcel is larger, we arrange a delivery van. Hence, we send our biker or van driver to the assigned pickup location. The delivery boy picks up the parcel, mentioning all the details. Moreover, delivery gets all the information about the parcel. He also provides a receipt of the parcel and then delivers it to the given destination.

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